Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year, New Opportunities

It has been about six months since I posted anything on this blog. I can completely identify with my fellow blogger Gina Conroy calling herself a Writer Interrupted. Six months is a long interruption. My writing has not been totally interrupted during that time. But this blog unfortunately was. Since we have an active three year old living with us and are expecting a new born in May, I imagine that much in my life will continue to be interrupted for some time to come. I am going to do my best, though, to keep up with regular postings here. I just went through a long writing dry spell starting just before the holidays and lasting until just last week. I know that a regular schedule of posting on here will help to combat that. Coming up with great new ideas to share here always jump starts my brain and gets me thinking of new and great things I can write in other areas. I've also decided to write a personal blog. Once again, I think that any writing, including the diary type, helps to get the fingers moving and the brain going. If you want to check out my personal blog, you can take a look at I look forward to starting a new year here with all of you!

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Gina C said...

Yes, I understand writing interruptions. I took ten years off while I raised kids (didn't know I could write and raise kids, but didn't have the support back then either.) I started up again when my youngest was 2. Now she's 6 and I'm still interrupted!