Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Projects

Well, after a bit of a "maternity leave", I'm back on the hunt for new freelance projects. I'm reworking my writing resume a bit and submitting on new fronts. Internet magazines seem to be the up and coming craze. It will be interesting to see the direction that they take. Here are some that I have come across recently:

a handful of stones

First and Last Sentence Magazine

and of course the great The Adirondack Review


shaina said...

congrats on the new arrival! glad to have you back in the blog world... :)
also...i made my blog private, so if you still want to read it, send me your email and i'll send you an invite. thanks!

Tonya Root said...

Shaina - cool! I'd love to keep following your blog. Where can I send my email address? If you are on facebook, you can connect with me there.

shaina said...

hey, i am on facebook. i'll look you up there!

Mark said...

I simply adore A Handful of Stones. One of the very first things I look at of a morning. Even on weekends.

Best wishes and congrats on the new arrival!