Monday, June 28, 2010

What to Read?

I'm looking for something new to read. I just finished Burr by Gore Vidal and loved it! You'd think with all the books I just finished unpacking a few days ago that I would have a ton to read. My problem is that there are a lot of hardbacks which are hard to read in bed and all of the paperbacks are Koontz. (They are hand-me-down's from my mom and she has a bit of a Koontz fetish.) While I do love a good Koontz now and then, a girl has to read something other than old Deano from time to time. So, I'm asking all of you out there for some good suggestions. Throw me some fun summertime paperback reading selections! I'm trying out this new affiliate linking program from Amazon, so send me some great Amazon links to your summer reading favorites!

To give you a hint of what I like, here are some of my former summer favorites:

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