Sunday, April 12, 2009

PAD Challenge Day #12

The prompt for today was to start with "So we decided to"

So We Decided to Buy B.B. King Tickets

and it was one of the first joint decisions
I had ever really had to make.
I’d always made my own way.
I decided to wear my really
tall black heels and when they canceled
the B.B. King concert we decided
to walk up and down the boardwalk
and my feet were killing me so we decided
to just sit on a bench and watch
the water. It was a little cold
so you gave me your jacket and you
sat in your shirtsleeves and wrapped me up
in your big strong arms until we decided
to walk back to the car. My feet were really
hurting so we stopped a lot and you were
really patient and caring and I decided
then and there, on our honeymoon,
that you were one of the best decisions
I’ve ever made.

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