Thursday, April 16, 2009

PAD Challenge Day #15

Looks like I forgot to post yesterday's poem here. Here you go:

The prompt was so much fun. It was to take a poem you like and change one word in the title, then write a new poem based on the new title. I posted three yesterday!

After I Didn't Apologize to the Well by Mahmoud Darwish

I Didn’t Apologize to the City

I didn’t apologize to the city
For leaving so soon
I didn’t look back as I drove away
By the light of the moon
With my windows rolled down
And the wind blowing in my hair
It was time to leave
Time to get out of there

I didn’t apologize to the road
For driving so fast
I pushed on the accelerator
And gave it more gas
I turned up the music
And felt the wheels turn
It was time to move
Time to let it burn

I didn’t apologize to the bridge
As it burned behind me
I didn’t glance in the mirror
I didn’t need to see
The smell of smoke
Left no room for doubt
It was time to keep going
Time to just get out


After A Pot of Tea by Richard Kenney

A Pot of Coffee

Cherished morning routine
Fire up the machine
A bag of black beans
Dark roast only please
First go through the grinder
Then into the little white cone
Now a pot of water
And pretty soon it’s done
Pour a hot black stream
Add a bit of French Vanilla
The creamer turns the liquid
A beautiful light brown
Oh! That first sip!
Now I’m ready for the day


After So we'll go no more a roving by Lord Byron

So We’ll Go No More A-Bowling

So, we’ll go no more a-bowling
With shoes and bag and ball
Though we love to send them rolling
The lanes no longer call

For Robert has a knee that’s bad
His stance is all a-whack
And Nancy’s wrist has all been had
Since that hairline crack

Though the balls will still be rolling
And crashing be the pins
Yet we’ll go no more a-bowling
While we’re on the mend

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