Thursday, April 23, 2009

PAD Challenge Day #22

After a bout with the stomach flu, I'm playing catch-up again. Here is a poem for yesterday's prompt to write a work related poem.


I was ready for a new workday
My car just wasn’t working
But I had to get to work
So I phoned a co-worker
To see if my schedule could be reworked
I forgot she was a workaholic
She spent thirty minutes complaining she was overworked
I tried to think of another workaround
I got online and searched my friend network
I made some phone calls and did some footwork
And finally found a ride to the workplace
I made it to my workstation
And sighed when I saw the workload
I started with some Excel worksheets
There were entry errors but they were workable
I finished with a load of paperwork
By the end of the day I smiled at my handiwork
I decided to walk home and skip my workout
After such a crazy day I just shrugged off the housework

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