Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PAD Challenge Day #14

The challenge for today's "Two for Tuesday" prompt was to either write a love poem or to write an anti-love poem. I ended up writing one of each.
Love Hurts

I knew you –
brick by brick the
wall went up around
your heart. For a few years
I labored in vain to tear at the
brick with a small plastic knife. Once
you handed me a sledgehammer and I
knocked a couple bricks off of the top. But
you got scared and took the hammer back, so I
just beat on the brick with my head for awhile. Ouch.


My Other Half

I never understood the phrase
My Other Half until I met you

You are
the Thelma to my Louise
and the Abbot to my Costello
the bread to my butter
and the peanut butter to my jelly
the bow to my arrow
and the Smith to my Wesson
the Dick to my Jane
and the Mickey to my Minnie
the flotsam to my jetsam
and the Illiad to my Odyssey
the left to my right
and the round to my about
the Tweedledum to my Tweedledee
and the Nero to my Archie
the yin to my yang
and the heart to my soul.

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