Monday, April 6, 2009

PAD Challenge Day #6

I wrote a poem shortly after putting Nicole to bed last night. This morning when I read Robert's prompt I thought that the poem I had written fit beautifully. So, here is today's post - rather early! :-) Maybe I'll even write another later!

She’ll Never Know

just how beautiful she is.
I lie next to her just after
she has fallen asleep.
She has these gorgeous
full, wine-colored lips.
Her nose is so perfectly formed.
Though I’m sure I would never
be able to convince her of
this fact, her complexion
is so flawless, her coloring
so spot-on and her eyelashes
so beautifully long and curly
that she will never really
NEED to wear one drop
of makeup. It’s unfortunate
that we are never really able
to see ourselves through
the eyes of another.

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